Since 1998, Oderland has been providing a premium high-quality, reliable solution for web hosting, e-mail, domain management, DIY VPS, and Managed Servers.

The bulk of their clients are small to medium businesses but can be found in all segments, from private individuals to political parties and multinational companies.

With about 13 000 clients each with multiple hosting services Oderland is a substantiell part of Swedens online commercial core and Oderland sets the bar for affordable premium hosting in Northern Europe.

Techster was founded to bridge the gap among the suppliers they saw in the market. They wanted to create a player who always takes the customer’s party, who is supplier neutral and who is innovative by finding new solutions and services.

With their complete IT solutions, they are on the customer’s side in every business. Their philosophy is that every customer is equally important.

We support gamers all over the world.
YLDR is all about creating clothes and experiences that are truly carved out to meet all the specific requirements from gaming and esports when it comes to design, quality, function and customer service

At Xtrfy, we make pro-level gaming gear in collaboration with some of the world’s most merited players.

Our products are based on well-proven technology and the most important component of all: experience.

We design them from the ground up at our offices in Skåne, Sweden, and have been doing so since the start in 2013.

Florpad delivers classy and convenient floor mats in different shapes and sizes to protect the floor surface under your desk chair and look good at the same time.

With Supagrip® technology, your floor mat stays firmly locked to the floor while you roll across it.

RIG headsets deliver every command and cue, every signal and strategy. Quality construction keeps them on for the long haul. We keep our commitment to flawless sound, and customers keep our headsets. RIG … so gamers can stay in the game

FragNet is an extremely stable service provider when it comes to gaming servers and Teamspeak.

The company also provides webhosting.

With server parks all over the world and a huge selection, FragNet is definitely one of the best providers of gaming servers.

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Sweden’s biggest chain of esports-restaurants. Kappa bar caters to gamers and esports enthusiasts by providing you with a place to watch live games, play games and have a full stomach while doing it.

Founded in 2016 in Gothenburg Sweden, Kappa has since expanded to Stockholm, Jönköping, Malmö, Linköping and Uppsala.

See you at Kappa!

It all started in 1999 as a personal project for a group of friends who met each other playing an online game.

At the time, the available voice communication applications lacked cross-platform compatibility, were plagued with router and firewall issues, and relied heavily on bandwidth and system resource utilization.

TeamSpeak is among the most recognized and successful brands in the VoIP industry and is utilized in a wide spectrum of applications, from online gaming to business communications to education and training.